Online Submission Introduction
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Two sites (KSCM.OR.KR and KSCM.KR ) has been operating on its own two different passwords, change, can be maintained. Non members first join to the online submission system and submit the manuscripts

The basics of writing in an online submission the contribution of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, follow regulations.

 How to submission

After login, Citations in the menu to contribute papers must be entered.
For convenience, the following steps had been broken, Each step will enter the information from.

Paper information input
Citations papers contribute one phase step is to enter and author information.
Because papers contribute at all progress, review results corresponding author, first author notified by e-mail , Please enter the correct author information.

Paper file input
Contribute papers to enter the two-step is a step in the paper file.
Paper file, which contains information about the author Title page (Doc,Hwp), which contains information about paper body Main Body (Doc, Hwp) must be registered with the two. Papers relating to the Image File You can register additionalIntegrated onto the file capacity is limited to 10 MB large file please adjust the size.

Contribute a paper in front of three steps where you entered the wrong information are the steps to make sure.

Submission complete
Step 4 Complete the posting page paper is a contribution. Complete the thesis contribution is confirmed and can not be modified.
All proceeds Papers when posting, screening results corresponding author, first author is notified by e-mail.
After determining suitability study results will be notified by e-mail again. .

 Paper modify after review

After examination of the modification request mail the corresponding author will be sent by e-mail, After you sign the modification of the original paper, electronic article submission website Edit / query the screen by moving the check for peer review and can be modified.

 Review process

Read more by clicking on the editorial board of Clinical Microbiology Society screening process can be seen.

 Publication notice and final paper upload

Showing email notification will be sent to the corresponding author, and  After receiving the notification the final manuscript paper, modifications of the electronic article submission website / lookup screen lift. All picture files within the image file of 10 MB can be uploaded, but If you send more than 10 MB on a CD or as directed by the Secretariat for the Society of Clinical Microbiology Webhard uses. Figure. Jpg,. Gif files such as pictures, each containing up or raise the presentation file,  The body of the picture name and picture of the same name that was used in the description matches.
(예: Fig. 1A).

Before the final paper submission, confirm and print the Copyright and Authorship Transfer Agreement,  Society accepts the authors' signatures, please send Fax Bureau.

 Online submission system contact by

      Dongeun Yong, M.D., Editor-in-Chief

      Department of Laboratory Medicine,

      Yonsei University College of Medicine,

      Seoul 120-752, Korea

      Tel: +82-2-2228-2442, Fax: +82-2-313-0956



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